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Experience Capital is just more than an investor, most importantly we co-invest along side investors in all of our own managed/portfolio projects. This means we have real "skin" in the game and believe in the projects that we commit to, and aren't shy in backing that up. 

Our investment principles are aligned to acting as a socially responsible firm, that practices conscious capitalism. We strongly believe in relationships and through trust & transparency all of our projects/investments come to us through a vetted process. Experience Capital strongly believes that these practices lead to better investment outcomes/returns while considering the broader impacts on the environment and society. The firm takes its responsibility seriously and continually monitors the broad consequences of every investment to ensure we are taking all of our stakeholders’ needs into account. By practicing these values in all of our projects and companies, we create lasting impact for ourselves, our investors, teams, businesses and communities where we live and work. 

Experience Capital can adapt and provide a wide spectrum of resources to a project/deal. 

  • Advisory Services

  • Deal Structuring & Governance

  • Seed & Investment Capital

  • Convertible Equity

  • Financing Syndication

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